Why not sponsor an event at The Bocking Arts Theatre, which will not only raise your companiesprofile but also raise awareness to all our customers on our website, through 250,000 brochures we have printed each year as well as all those who attend our shows, as well as press and media releases.

Please contact us, on how we can work together on 01279 815464 quoting ‘The Bocking Sponsorship’

What are the advantages of being a sponsor.

★   1. Free advertising on 250,000 programmes per annum

★   2. Free advertising and links on our website

★   3. Free VIP seating

★   4. Priority ticketing

★   5. Discounted hire rates

★   6. Awareness of your company with our customers

★   7. Inclusion on all media, press,  TV and radio releases

★   8. Complimentary advice and help from our team of experts and contacts, with over 50 years experience in the entertainment industry, in planning your conference either with the Bocking or elsewhere.   By Paying the right prices for acts, staging, marquees, PA and lighting, stage management, conference organisers, disco’s and compares,  public speakers, celebrity public appearances, auctioneers.

★   9. Piece of mind by working with the right team, with 50 years experience of organising large events, concerts, air shows, exhibitions, conferences, media launches to name but a few.  Work with the team that don’t talk about but have done it.

★ 10. Allocated free tickets to your sponsored event

The Bocking Arts Theatre booking agency – Contact us on how we can work together.

Contact us at thebocking@gmail.com